It’s Me

2013 Echo Park Community Holiday Parade 12-14-2013 1

Besides my work as Santa in the Echo Park Christmas parade,  I am a writer, a director and a producer.

I’ve produced many documentaries including Room 237The Nightmare (about sleep paralysis) And With Him Came The West (Wyatt Earp’s final years in Hollywood) and The El Duce Tapes (life and death of the lead singer of the notorious Mentors.)

I have two books out.  The Feral Boy Who Lives in Griffith Park , a collection of short stories about Los Angeles, and the western noir  novel BURNT! !

I love the city of Los Angeles and am proud to have helped produce the web-series “Tom Explores Los Angeles” with my friend Tom Carroll.

You will find me writing about cowboy films, Frankenstein, Bertolt Brecht, my daughter and everything else that makes life worth living.

Won’t you  say “Hi” at  Or over at Twitter @tim2kirk.

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