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Frogtown in “The Shield”

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Shield - Frogtown from Elysian ParkFrogtown on The Shield 1Frogtown Shield 2

LA River ’75

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As seen from atop the Lincoln Height Jail, Avenue 19.

— from Psychic Killer, 1975

Dr. Briar, I presume…

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At last!  We have reached the elusive source of the Los Angeles River!

The headwaters are just behind the football field of Canoga Park High School (The Hunters).  This is where Bell Creek and Calabasas Creek meet.   From here, the water travels 52 miles to the bay in Long Beach and into the Pacific Ocean.

Briar has explored many of those miles.   You can check out her progress here.


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This is a extremely cool exhibit of art inspired by the LA River.   Briar and I have an interest in this river, having walked a fair amount of it.

It runs at the Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art through July 3rd.  It’s a diverse collection: graffitti art, sculpture, utopian visions of the river, a cool series of pencil drawings of the various insects one can find along the river, lots of neat stuff.

It should be checked out.  (The museum’s main exhibit on the work of California Style watercolor artist Millard Sheets is a nice bonus.)

For information on the many artists featured, and a very cool webstite, go here.

So much drama in the LBC

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Where The River Meets The Sea 023

I’m ridiculously fond of this grafitti.