Playing Hourly at Forest Lawn


Behold this cathedral high atop a hill in Glendale.  If you shop at Costco, or frequent the Americana,  or travel on the 2, you’ve no doubt seen the giant cross on its roof.  It was built in 1951 for one purpose, to house two of the largest religious paintings in the world, The Crucifixion and The Resurrection.

A 30 minute presentation plays on the hour, with a light-show, video, and an audio-re-enactment of Christ’s final hours.

I wrote & directed it.  Want to see it?

From 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.   Except for Monday.  God rests on Monday at Forest Lawn.

German Translation of Presentation available here.

FL CrucifixionResurrection

  1. Is there anyway we can get a copy of the script on the Forest Lawn presentation? You did such a great job in your detail and I would really like to read more of what you had to say about the individuals in both paintings. I don’t have time to return and listen to it again.

    Thank you for a job well done

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