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Light at the Lighthouse

In Temples of LA on September 21, 2009 at 6:39 am

On our recent visit to the Point Fermin lighthouse, we stumbled upon a Christian music festival.  We caught an act by a theater and dance youth group.

They performed a tale, set to teeth-rattlingly loud Christian grindcore, in which a kid is beset by demons representing the various sins and temptations of life — Drugs, Idolotry, etc. This lucky gal landed a whopper of a role.

San Pedro 9 09 010

Just when it seems like the evils of the world are going to destroy our hero, this guy shows up.

San Pedro 9 09 009

The end.

We also caught a really lousy puppet show.

San Pedro 9 09 011

Where’s Puppet2Puppet when you need them?