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Harvey, 1950

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Welcome to the Future

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Zeotrope, 1982!

Cafe at Los Feliz Golf Course, 1955

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Now “Eat.”  From DIAL RED ZERO, 1955.


Andre de Toth sure knows how to cast psychos

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Knud Rex is no Timothy Carey, but who is!


— “Hidden Fear”, 1957.

Good Luck!

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— Wages of Fear, 1963


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Sorcerer, 1977.

San Dimas High Football Rules!

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— Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, 1989

Product Placement in The Hunting Party, 1971, #2

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— Oliver Reed, Gene Hackman, and Candice Bergman as a woman falling in love with her rapist.  Yuck!

FYI, as a kid, the trailer for this film gave me nightmares….

Product Placement in The Hunting Party, 1971

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— The Hunting Party — Oliver Reed, Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen and lots of rape.

As Fun As Silverado Is….

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Soooooo 1985.