In BURNT on January 26, 2010 at 6:10 pm


Our caravan finally reaches the river.  The psychedelic bus coughs out hippies and the rest of the clan gathers to welcome us.  It’s a blur of free expression.  Jesters prance and play.  Dirty cherubs tumble in the grass.

I park the van and Josey starts setting up.  A couple of clowns take a break from hanging banners in the trees to check out our wares.  I eyeball their finger-painting:  ‘Love is All!’  ‘Make Love!’  ‘All You Need is LOVE!

“I love your beard,” says the groovy gal, offering a joint.  I don’t take it and I don’t love my beard.  She bats her lashes.

Groovy guy bristles, “You holding, dad?”  I shake my head.  He pushes up his tinted shades, his sclera red and grey.  “You should see things though my eyes, man.  It would blow your mind.”

Josey bows her head and cups her hands, saying a silent prayer.  I know she’s praying for restraint.

Sorry, baby.  I’m going to kill this guy.  Tonight.

The Story So Far

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