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The old woman chokes it out between sobs.  She tells him what he already knows.  There are no men in Los Rios.  They are with Arango.  They are searching for the baby.

Waring waits as the women and children gather their things.  He doesn’t dismount.  They don’t have much.

He tries to remember the baby names.  Martina had one for a boy and one for a girl.  Then Arango saw her in the window of the farmhouse.  By the time Waring found her, she was dead and he’d forgotten the names.

For a kick, he balances the baby on the horse’s neck.  She bounces up and down as he leads the people of Los Rios into the desert.

When they stumble, he drives them on.  When they collapse, he leaves them to die.

Riding back towards the border, he shows her an apple and a knife.  She wheezes.  He cuts the apple and presses a slice to her lips.  The wheeze becomes a laugh.

She tugs at his mask.  He tosses it over her.  She luxuriates in the black silk.

The Story So Far

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