In BURNT on July 20, 2010 at 8:49 pm


There’s a terrible argument going on in the parking lot.  Josey’s never seen her dad so angry.  It’s a sight.

But her eyes keep wandering up to the mountains.  It’s amazing how an imperceptible change of light down here signals an operatic drama of shifting shadow on the towering peaks.

A defeated shout!  Jay hands the VW’s keys to the old guy who calls himself Critter.  The tall young one is called Mr. Marks, and he just keeps saying “it is necessary, it is necessary” over and over.

She follows their van as Critter backs it into a large cinder-block structure.  Parked inside are dozens of expensive looking cars.  She recognizes BMWs and Mercedes.  Critter rattles shut a heavy metal gate and locks it.

She asks Critter, “fight over?”

He spits in his hands.  “Yep.”


They’re all jammed in Critter’s old truck, bouncing over a mountain road, flanked by thick forest.  The radio plays loud static.  Jay is annoyed. “Why don’t you turn that shit off?”

“Can’t.”  Critter brushes at dirty hair with dirty fingers.  “It’s wired t’ on.”

“You ever get reception?”

“Only when I’m too far from home.”

The truck stops.  A cowboy greeting: the burnt wood banner swings softly above an electric fence.

“The Ranch”

Howdy to those ready for Positive Change

The Story So Far

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