Monastery of the Angels – Hollywood

In Temples of LA on August 11, 2010 at 10:00 pm

We continue to visit the hidden or forgotten temples of Los Angeles.

Part of the Mission Statement of the Monastery of the Angels reads:   “As contemplative Dominican Nuns, we have withdrawn from the world in such a way as to embrace everyone in the heart of Christ.”   Try and wrap your mind around that one.

These nuns are not kidding.  I lived two blocks from this place for four years and never knew it existed.  And the order has been there since 1930.  It’s above that part of Franklin where you get in caught in traffic near Gower.  A couple of blocks from the 101 Coffee Shop.

The public areas consist of a small courtyard with flowers and statuary, another courtyard dedicated to the contemplation of the Stations of the Cross, and a chapel which frightened Briar, though it seemed awfully nice to me.

We were invited into the gift shop by some very nice women.   It is here that we made a transcendent discovery: the nuns make hand-dipped chocolates!  My wife is something of chocolate connoisseur and she dubbed them “excellent.”

“Better Than The Best”?!  Excuse me, ladies, but MY bible has some shit to say about Pride!

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