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Lotus is alone with Richard.  She can hear the doctor talking to Lady outside the door.  He’s telling her that they can’t move Richard, that he has serious respiratory problems.  He’ll have to stay in this little hut in the desert until he gets better or stops breathing.

She has a pillow.  It’s going to be easy to kill him.  And justified.  She knows who she is now.

Over the last year, she’s pieced together the whole story.  She was born to Dora and Clay Lawrence in 1923, one of a pair of twins.  Her sister died a few days later.  Dora was distraught, sick with grief.  Clay thought Dora would kill the other baby, that she would kill Lotus.  Clay fled with the baby.  Over the next week, he was beaten, burnt, and shot.  He hung himself in prison.

How did this happen?  Richard arranged it.  He wanted Dora for himself, a queen for his growing empire.  But he didn’t want a daughter.  He’d known how to manipulate his brother since they were little boys.  He simply set him in motion.

Now it’s twenty-four years later and she works for Richard.  Dora has a new name now.  Everyone calls her “Lady”.  Lady knows Lotus is her daughter but continues to pretend she’s just a nurse.  Richard doesn’t suspect a thing.

She finds a photo in Richard’s wallet.  She’s never seen her father.  The photo is old, but there is something else.  She rubs the crusty substance on its surface.  It’s spit.  It’s been spit upon over and over for many years.  Dried, flaked and spit upon again.

Such hate.  But somehow she has survived.   Somehow she is in this room.  There must be a purpose and the purpose is clear.  To kill this monster.  For her father, for herself, for any one who might be destroyed by Richard in the future.

She places the pillow over his face.

She curses God.  She curses the church that took her in.  The church that saved her life.

If only he were awake.  If only he were praying for his eternal soul.  Then she could do it.

She turns away.

The Story So Far

  1. teetering on my seat edge!

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