In BURNT on January 10, 2011 at 8:32 pm


Lady Richard and Lotus stand on an empty sound-stage.  It is cold but still smells of human sweat.  A dull square of  sunlight marks a distant doorway.  Lotus flips switches and connects lines but all the lights have been struck.  The only thing that works is the “Filming In Progress” light.  It colors the two women red.

“Richard finished everything he started.  It was his nature.”  Lady Richard’s eyes scan the floor.  They must be near the spot where her husband dropped.  His heart officially stopped two hours later in the hospital, but she considers this the place of his death.  “He left two things undone.  The Golden State hotel is still under construction.  And then there is this.  This film.”  Lady opens her eyes.  “I have to finish them both.”

Lotus considers the immensity of these undertakings.  Lady knows as much about construction as she does about film-making.  She knows less than Lotus who knows nothing.  “What will you do when they are done?”

“Never think of him again.”

Lotus takes her hand.  “I’ll help.”

The Story So Far

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