In BURNT on January 30, 2011 at 8:43 pm


The door to the ranch house hangs open.  It’s dark in there.  Has Lucas returned from the lake?  If he has, I’m going to find him and I’m going to kill him.

I raise the old pistol and follow it inside.  My bare feet navigate the furniture and loose rugs.  The only sound is the slog of my wet clothes.  I stop moving.

At first I think I’m hearing my own breathing.  It’s a ragged wheezing sound.  I get a fix on it.  It’s coming from the kitchen.  It’s coming from behind a door in the back of a closet.  Why is there a door there?

Behind the door is a dark stairway and at the top of those stairs there is another door.  White light peeks from under it.  I climb the stairs.  The wheezing is now accompanied by a small beep.  I push the door open.

A figure lies on a hospital bed in a white room.  The wheezing is from the ventilator that keeps her breathing.  The beeping is from the machine that monitors her vital functions.  There are other sounds now and other machines whose duties I don’t know.

But I know the woman on the bed.  It’s my mother.

The Story So Far

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