Solano Canyon NOIR!

In Films!, LA owns me on March 2, 2012 at 12:12 am

“Without Warning” joins “Crime Wave” in the pantheon of great LA location noirs of the early fifties.

  1. More like “la Loma” Noir.. Solano Canyon neighborhood is down below the hill to the east. Starting at the first row of houses or so west of Amador Street.

    Any house that was torn down after this movie was shot was la Loma. And that includes just about all structures you see near to the characters in these pictures.

    Anything still standing, that is Solano Canyon. Thanks for the screen shots. It’s a very interesting movie if just for the fact that it was shot in that neighborhood post-evictions.

    • Interesting, Victor. Can you share more about this? Or point me to your source material so that I can read up? I’m really interested in the area, as you can tell by this post. I’m also very much for the free exchange of information — I always want to learn more! And to share what I learn!

      Best, Tim

  2. Wow. That was quick. This is a good place to start:

    Happy reading.

    My grandparents and their 5 children were evicted from their home on Spruce Street maybe a year or so before this movie was shot. All the homes you see near the home of the killer character in the movie are vacant due to the evictions put into motion by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles that started July 24, 1950.

  3. One more link you may find interesting from a fellow fan of “Without Warning!”:

  4. Thanks! I will ingest this and be in touch. I hope we can have a conversation about this.

  5. You can reach me at

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