FILMS OF Evgenii Bauer

In Silent films I like on June 28, 2009 at 7:15 am
FILMS OF Evgenii Bauer

Uncle’s Apartment 1913
Twilight of a Woman’s Soul 1913
Freed Bird 1914
Child of the Big City (Girl from the Street) 1914
Tears 1914
Mute Witnesses 1914
Life in Death 1914
After Death 1915
Leon Drey 1915
Daydreams 1915
The 1002nd Ruse 1915
Song of Triumphant Love 1915
Singed Wings 1915
Queen of the Screen 1916
Her Sister’s Rival (A Life for a Life) 1916
Griffon of an Old Warrior 1916
The King of Paris 1917
The Dying Swan 1917
Revolutionist 1917
The Alarm 1917
For Luck (For Happiness) 1917

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